Route info

1. Parlammi-Pelli appr. 2 km

  • starting point at Telaranta, across Parlammi straight south, at start Suomenjoki narrow flowing waters
  • landing to the left before the bridge of Pelli and from there portage 200m to underneath the rapids

2. Pelli- Tervakoski appr. 3 km

  • Luhtakoski, slightly stronger stream, right after the bridge the river turns to the left and at the curve a rock beware!
  • after Pelli, winding calm street
  • winding calm stream all the way to Tervakoski
  • two pans to Tervakoski, upper part is easy and after the bridge some backwater at which must stop and check if lower part is canoeable, lower part is a narrow chute, beware of rocks, fallen trees and footbridge, at high water you can’t go under after the rapids, area for a break to the right

3. Tervakoski-Koivuniemi appr. 2 km

  • winding calm water
  • at Koivuniemi bridge you can’t go under, area for break to the right

4. Koivuniemi-Masonkoski appr. 4 km

  • calm river up to the bridge at Padankoski road
  • after this very winding and arriving to the scenery at Pehkukorpi, which is uninhabited wilderness
  • lean-to, a good place for a break and for staying over night
  • special at high water BEWARE, approaching to lean-to landing point you must take left side course due to strong current of the rapid intake

5. Masonkoski-Savi appr. 1 km

  • Masonkoski cleared up stream, good to check beforehand in case of any fallen trees
  • after the rapids a low bridge that might be able to get through
  • landing before Savinkoski to the left on beach or floating platform of the shed of Neroskulman Erä

6. Savinkoski

  • the most difficult stream of Suomenjoki; winding, rocks and trees, MUST be checked before canoeing

7. Nerosjärvi Savikodanlahti-Porraskoski appr. 7 km

  • from the mouth of Suomenjoki via the left side of Ruotsinsalo all the way to its end
  • southwest towards Muusalmi
  • via the tip of Muusalmi and Jurvanlahti to the upper part of the river, you can find the mouth between the big rocks, there is also lean-to at east Side bank
  • landing at Porraskoski to the right of the dam, the rapids are NOT SUITABLE FOR CANOEING

NOTE: beaver communities live at the river, so beware of BEAVER DAMS