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Padasjoen latu is a local chapter of Suomen latu – the Outdoor Association of Finland and our goal is to get people to enjoy outdoor activities and to enjoy nature. Our volunteers arrange outdoor activities such as skiing, kayaking/canoeing and mountain biking events.

Padasjoki Canoe routes

We also rent kayaks, canoes and fat-bikes.


Kayak and canoe renting:

Prices: single 1 day / 25€, 1 week / 120€
Double/canoe 1 day / 50€, 1 week / 240€
Contact: Tero Paarvio, +358 50 084 2606 or teropaarvio[at]

Mainiemi Paddling Centre / Kayak renting:

Fat-Bike renting: (kona Wo 2022 model, sizes: One S, two M and one L)

Prices: 1 day / 25euros, 1 weekend (3 days) / 50euros
Members: 15euros
Contact: Tuukka Virkkilä, +358 50 561 4339 or tuukkavirkkila[at] (Please send an sms (text message) before calling and tell you want to rent gear. I get loads of spam calls from abroad so I generally do not answer unknown calls outside Finland)

We also have 6 kids/youth mountain bikes for rent and bikepacking bags (Restrap).

Location: Valutie 9 Padasjoki

Snowshoe renting:

Prices: 1 day / 10€, 1 week / 50€
Members: free of charge
Contact: Tuukka Virkkilä, +358 50 561 4339 or tuukkavirkkila[at]