Padasjoki Canoe Routes

1. Mainiemi, Padasjoen Latu shed- Lammassaari-Pitkäniemi-Isohiekka appr. 10 km

  • The Padasjoen Latu shed at Mainiemi is a good starting point, parking spaces for cars
  • through the north point of Kalainsaari towards the tip of Mustaniemi
  • from Mustaniemi following the passage signs towards Lammassaari where there is a campfire place and lean-to/tent places, good quiet place for staying over night
  • from Lammassaari to the east towards Pitkäniemi where there is a floating platform
    in the lagoon
  • campfire place and lean-to at Pitkäniemi also suitable for tents
  • from Pitkäniemi to Isohiekka through the passage, can be a Windy part
  • Isohiekka the ”Riviera” of Kelvenne, campfire place and to the side good places for tents, wonderful swimming beach, clean water, sand and low water levels quite far
  • from shore

2. The tour of Kelvenne; Isohiekka-Koukunlahti-Hinttolanhiekka- The southern point of Kelvenne ’Southern lagoon”-Karhunkämmen-Isohiekka appr. 20 km

Kelvenne is appr. 8 km long main island of the national park. Isohiekka is a good starting point for the tour. Through the north point going round to Koukunlahti where there is a campfire place.

  • Koukunlahti- Hinttolanhiekka appr. 4 km, eastern wind can make travel more
  • Campfire place at Hinttolanhiekka, place is suitable for tents. Popular with boaters.
  • Hinttolanhiekka-the southern tip Of Kelvenne appr. 2 km
  • beware; Kirkkosalmi strait could be very’ busy, especially on Friday and Sunday afternoon.
  • campfire place at the southem tip
  • campfire place at the ”Southern lagoon” and also suitable for tents
  • the part between the ”Southern lagoon” and Karhunkämmen
  • may be difficult when winds are from the west.
  • Karhunkämmen is a good shelter port and campfire place. Popular with boaters
  • From the lagoon of Karhunkämmen to Isohiekka take a detour through the tip of the rocky peninsula, may be diffucult when winds are from the west.

3. Other destinations

Mainiemi-Pikku (Vähä) Haukka-Lammassaari; nice day route destination appr. 10 km.

  • Beware of the windy back of Padasjoki and the busy boat and ship traffic at the port

Hietasaari; from the northern tip of Kelvenne appr. 3 km,

  • excellent place for campfires, tents and swimming.

Haapasaari, Kalastajan maja—Fishers croft; Distance appr. 14 km from Mainiemi.

  • public landfall
  • base for Lahden Venekerho – boat club

Päijänne recreational association destinations Linnasaaren takut and Lehtistensaaret

  • Theres sauna on Lehtistensaaret
  • Not part of national park

NOTE: Read through the guides and rules of the national park, they can be found at the campfire places or on the web at: